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11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

Posted by Ryan On April 17th
11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

If you’re in charge of marketing an event, you may already have some ideas on how to do it. Or you may have questions–how do you attract sponsors? How can you get the word out? How can you make an impression?

We’ve put together some of our ideas into this series of blog posts, which we hope you’ll find helpful:

  1. How to Find an Audience When Marketing an Event
  2. Where to Display Your Event’s Logo
  3. Incentives for Sponsors of Your Event
  4. Marketing at Your Event’s Venue
  5. Event Marketing with Social Media
  6. Marketing Your Event with Direct Mail
  7. Advertising Your Event: TV, Radio, Print, Signs
  8. Guerrilla Marketing
  9. How to Get a Media Sponsor for Your Event
  10. How to Write Your Own Press Release
  11. Getting More from Event Sponsors

You can also read all of these in a free eBook entitled 11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing.

Best of luck with your event. We hope it’s a success!

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